Key Staff List


Deputy Headteachers:

Assistant Headteachers:

Learning Co-Ordinators:

  • Mrs J Danby (Year 7)
  • Mr R Zabrocki (Year 8)
  • Ms S Norris (Year 9)
  • Mr J Milton  (Year 10)
  • Mr S Goad (Year 11)
  • Mr P Owen (Year 12)
  • Mrs L Price (Year 13)

Guidance Managers:

  • Mrs V Scott (Lower School)
  • Mrs N Chambers (Upper School)
  • Miss J Thoms (Sixth Form)

Attendance and Family Liaison Workers:

  • Mr P Scott (Church Chare)
  • Mrs J Hutley (North Lodge)


  • Mr C Jackson

Director of Information, Advice & Guidance

  • Miss L Gulliver (Mon, Thur & Fri)

Business Development Officer

  • Mrs J Graham (Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs)

Company Secretary / Head’s PA:

  • Mrs H Bolton

Finance Manager:

  • Mrs J Chapman

Network Manager:

  • Mr B Kelters

Exams and Assessment Manager:

  • Mrs J Carr

Staffing Operations Manager:

  • Mrs W Taylor

Facilities Manager

  • Neil Batey