At Park View, we place an emphasis upon ensuring that all students achieve their academic potential. We have consistently produced results at both GCSE and A-level which are above national averages and have support mechanisms in place which allow us to identify the strengths and aspirations of each child and to build upon these. Our latest Ofsted inspection report recognised that we cater for all, in that ‘more students than average get the highest grades of A* and A at GCSE’ whilst ‘very few students who have been at Park View are not in education, employment or training, despite rising unemployment in the area.’

We have developed a model of delivery, ’Park View Learning’ which has gained us a local and national profile as leaders in our field. Ofsted recognised that, ‘Strengths of teaching include questioning to check, reinforce and extend understanding. Teachers have good subject knowledge of their subjects and set appropriate homework….They set tasks that stretch able students and develop skills of learning independently.’

The inspectors praised the way in which ‘Students are especially skilled at working with others to move learning forward, in different types of groups, presentations and role plays… They are able to stay on task to completion and report back in a respectful atmosphere that teachers create.’