At Park View, we place an emphasis upon ensuring that all students achieve their academic potential. We have consistently produced results at both GCSE and A-level which are above national averages and have support mechanisms in place which allow us to identify the strengths and aspirations of each child and to build upon these. Our latest Ofsted inspection report recognised that we cater for all, in that ‘more students than average get the highest grades of A* and A at GCSE’ whilst ‘very few students who have been at Park View are not in education, employment or training, despite rising unemployment in the area.’

We have developed a model of delivery, ’Park View Learning’ which has gained us a local and national profile as leaders in our field. Ofsted recognised that, ‘Strengths of teaching include questioning to check, reinforce and extend understanding. Teachers have good subject knowledge of their subjects and set appropriate homework….They set tasks that stretch able students and develop skills of learning independently.’

The inspectors praised the way in which ‘Students are especially skilled at working with others to move learning forward, in different types of groups, presentations and role plays… They are able to stay on task to completion and report back in a respectful atmosphere that teachers create.’

The curriculum at Park View School:

  • promotes the mission statement and the declared aims of the school
  • recognises that the curriculum is not just what takes place in the classroom or laboratory but in the school as a whole
  • prepares the pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life
  • is broad and balanced, recognising that we are educating the whole person:
    • it will bring pupils into contact with the elements of learning (knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes) and the areas of learning experience (religious, aesthetic/creative, human and social, linguistic and literary, mathematical, moral, physical, scientific, spiritual and technological)
    • it will ensure that each area of learning and experience will be given appropriate attention in relation to the others and to the curriculum as a whole.
  • responds to the needs and aspirations of the pupils:
    • it will promote differentiation of teaching and learning through ability setting in some areas and through differentiated resources in others, supporting the least able and stretching and challenging the most able
    • it will facilitate the development of the talents and interests of the pupils within the constraints imposed by staffing resources and the timetable structure. To this end, it will seek to provide as broad a choice of options as is possible at Upper School and Sixth Form, ensuring progression to career opportunities and further and higher education
  • ensures equality of opportunity for all:
    • all pupils will have equal access to all courses and facilities and to guidance and counselling, regardless of creed, gender, colour, national or ethnic origin, or disability
    • all pupils will have an equal right to fair and unbiased assessment.
  • recognises the role of parents and carers as partners in the education of their children, facilitating the involvement of parents/carers in the learning process and ensuring at all times effective communication and reporting about the progress of their children
  • is organised in such a way as to provide value for money, ensuring sensible and economic use of the financial resources of the school.

Specific Curriculum Organisation

Lower School

Students at Park View study a wide and varied curriculum at Lower School which is geared to developing their skills and attributes as learners in preparation for Upper School.

We liaise closely with, and then build upon, the primary experience, ensuring that transition is as smooth and stress-free as possible. We:

  • Provide a firm and stable framework, establishing high expectations for all students.
  • Set challenging targets for performance and effort against which progress is regularly reviewed and fed back to parents/carers.
  • Promote approaches to teaching that engage and motivate students, as well as getting them to reflect upon their own skills and attributes as learners.
  • Offer a broad, balanced and coherent programme in which students study: English, Maths, Science, ICT, PE, French, German, RE, History, Geography, Design, Art, Drama and Music.  PSHE is delivered through special days called “Edge Days” and also covers Citizenship, Health Education, Careers and Enterprise.

In Lower School, English, Maths, Science and Modern Foreign Languages are taught in ability groupings.  All other subjects are taught in tutor groups. Curriculum coverage and subject weightings are in line with statutory requirements.

Upper School

When students transfer from the North Lodge to the Church Chare site they also begin the transition to GCSE and Level 2 studies.  Guidance with regards to making option choices begins in Year 8 and parents/carers are kept fully involved in the process through open evenings, parents evenings and also individual interviews at which preferences are finalised.

We recognise that during these vital years students need individualised programmes which will maximise their chances of examination success whilst leaving as many post 16 opportunities open to them as possible.  

A compulsory core curriculum is followed which includes English Language, English Literature, Maths, Science (Double or Triple Award), ICT, RE, PE and our character based curriculum, The Edge. The Edge helps to develop student character in the key facets of Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication. PSHE is delivered through special days and also covers Citizenship, Health Education, Careers and Enterprise.

In addition, GCSE courses are offered in:

  • Art, Business Studies, Drama, Food, French, Geography, German, Graphic Products, History, Music, Product Design and Spanish.

Technical courses are offered in:

  • Art and Design, Enterprise and Marketing, Health and Social Care, Sport Science and Media.  A small number of students benefit from links with other providers and have the opportunity to follow courses in Hair and Beauty and Construction.

Students are arranged in ability groups for English, Maths and Science.  All other subjects are taught in mixed ability groupings. Curriculum coverage and subject weightings are in line with statutory requirements

Sixth Form

We offer a wide ranging curriculum, blending the academic with the vocational, which is intended to allow individual students to develop in areas of strength and interest.  

Our offer for 2018/19 consists of Level 3 courses in:

  • Applied Science, Art, Biology, Business Studies, Business, Chemistry, Drama, English Language, English Literature, Extended Project, French, Geography, German, Health and Social Care, History, ICT, Mathematics, Further Maths, Media Studies, Music, Physics, Product Design, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, Sport Science and Extended Sport.