Park View Academy, trading as PARK VIEW SCHOOL, is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (company number 7709270).  The Academy is governed by the Academy Trust, which has been created from existing governors:-

Dr William F Dennison, Mr Iain Veitch, Mrs Meg Dodd. Mrs Victoria Stevenson

and two Members who are independent from the governing body:-

Mr David Standish and Ms Bev Gibson

The responsibilities of the Trust Body and the Governing Body are set out in the Articles of Association.  Additionally, guidance is provided in the Roles and Responsibilities of Governing Body booklet – Click here to view.

Email contact with the Governing Body, or any individual member of the Governing Body, can be made via  Alternatively, mail can be sent to the Governing Body, Park View School, Church Chare, Chester-le-Street, DH3 3QA, marked ‘Private and Confidential’.

For general enquiries, please contact Mrs Hilary Bolton, Company Secretary on


Dr William Dennison
Re-appointed on 22/11/2012, Term of office end: 22/11/2020
Appointed by the Full Governing Body (July 2011)

Dr Bill Dennison has been Chair of Governors for twenty years, Bill-Dennison-JAMES-COOPERworking alongside both the current Head, Iain Veitch, and his predecessor Alan Thompson. His two daughters both attended Park View. Bill is also a National Leader of Governance as well as being a member of the DfE’s Bureaucracy Reference Group – a committee which tries to help civil servants and Ministers reduce the bureaucratic burdens on schools. Bill was Head of the Education Department at Newcastle University, specialising in the provision of education leadership for staff in schools and colleges on a national basis.
Meetings attended for period 1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018: 4 out of a possible 4

(Committee Membership : Chair of Governing Body / Academy Trust / Finance and Premises / Student Discipline / Review / Personnel / Hearings / Head’s Performance Review)

  • Link Governor for MFL / KS4

Mr Iain Veitch
Ex-officio Governor
Appointed on 01/01/2003
Copy-of-Iain-Veitch (1)I have worked as a teacher for 30 years and will have been at Park View School for 25 of these on January 1st 2017. I came to Park View School as Head of English before being promoted to Head of Sixth Form, Deputy Head and, for the last 10 years, Headteacher: I am thus very much part of the bricks and mortar. I am a Local Leader in Education as well as a registered Ofsted Inspector who takes part in inspections throughout the school year. I am very proud to be Vice Chair of Schools North East, an organisation set up by schools to act for schools throughout the region.
Meetings attended for period 1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018: 4 out of a possible 4



Mrs Margaret Caygill – Community Governor
Appointed on 07/11/2016, Term of office end: 11/11/2020
Appointed by Trustees

Margaret-Caygill-JAMES-COOPERI am a retired Education Community Manager, a Parish Councillor  and I have been a governor of Park View School for almost thirty years. I was elected as one of the first parent governors when my son and daughter were pupils and then made a community governor. I am the link governor for Special Needs which enables me to work with staff to see that every child reaches their full potential. The liaison between school and the community is also important to me and I am involved in promoting this. Park View is a very successful school of which I am proud to be part and I look forward to my grandchildren attending in the future.
Meetings attended for period 1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018: 4 out of a possible 4

(Committee Membership : Finance and Premises / Student Discipline / Personnel / Hearings)

  • Link Governor for Inclusion and SEND

Mr Simon Lindsay – Community Governor
Appointed on: 22/09/2015, Term of office end: 22/09/2019
Appointed by Trustees

Simon-LindsayI’m a Community Governor and live within a stone’s throw of the Church Chare site for Park View.  I’ve worked in the education sector for over 20 years, and currently work at the Department for Employment as a Project Manager.
Meetings attended for period 1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018: 3 out of a possible 4

(Committee Membership : Student Discipline / Review / Capability / Head’s Performance)

  • Link Governor for Maths

Mrs Meg Dodd – Community Governor
Re-appointed on: 22/03/2018, Term of office end: 22/03/2022
Appointed by the Full Governing Body(July 2011)


I have 30 years project management experience gained in the commercial, financial and NHS sectors. I have been a school governor since 2010.
Meetings attended for period 1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018: 4 out of a possible 4
 (Committee Membership : Responsible Officer / Academy Trust / Finance and Premises / Personnel / Appeals)

  • Link Governor for Information, Advice and Guidance / Data Protection


Mrs Janet Carr – Staff Governor
Appointed on: 09/02/2015, Term of office end: 09/02/2019
Appointed by Staff Election

Jan-CarrI joined Park View School in 2002 as an Admin Assistant and progressed to the role of Exams and Assessment Manager.  I have also worked in the busy Personnel Department at John Lewis and as a Secretary in a firm of Chartered Surveyors. This is my longest serving role about which I am passionate and enthusiastic.  I particularly love the variety and the fact that no two days are the same.  Each new academic year brings more changes and plenty challenges.  My two sons attended Park View and hopefully my grand-daughter will too when the time arrives.  My hobbies are gardening, cooking and sewing and I love nothing more than a relaxing weekend with my family.
Meetings attended for period 1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018: 3 out of a possible 4

(Committee Membership : Review)

Michael Goulding – Parent Governor
Appointed on 10/11/2015, Term of office end: 10/11/2019
Appointed by Parent Election

Michael-GouldingI have lived in Chester-le-Street all my life, and attended Park View in the 1960s, when it was Ch-le-St Grammar School. My mother and my 3 brothers also attended the school, and so have my wife and all four of my children. My youngest daughter is now preparing for GCSE’s next summer. I therefore have a strong bond with the school and an awareness of its heritage and traditions, as well as a vested interest in the quality of its current educational provision. I understand the importance of Park View to the town and its community, and feel privileged to help in any way I can towards securing the best possible future. I am now retired, after spending 40 years working for The Open University – a fantastic organisation, which has inspired and enabled over a million people to literally change their lives through education. My role was primarily in IT and included the training of academic staff in the use of communication technologies. My personal interests are in sport, music, and travel. I’ve recently been learning Italian to try to keep up with my bi-lingual grandkids.
Meetings attended for period 1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018: 3 out of a possible 4
(Committee Membership : Finance and Premises / Review Committee )
  • Link Governor for Quality of Provision and Progress in Sixth Form / Post 16 Academy of Sport / Sport

Mrs Kirsty Tate – Staff Governor
Appointed on: 20/01/2016, Term of office end: 20/01/2020
Appointed by Staff Election

IKirsty-Tate have been a teacher for twenty years, first in Cambridgeshire, joining Park View when I moved to the North East in 2003.  In my career, as well as teaching humanities subjects, English and Health and Social Care, I have also led PSHE and been a Learning Co-ordinator.  In my current role in the school I am Assistant Head responsible for student and staff learning.  I have loved the community feeling of Park View and look forward to contributing to that further through the governing body.
Meetings attended for period 1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018: 4 out of a possible 4
(Committee Membership : Review Committee)

Mr Philip Adamson – Community Governor
Appointed on 04/11/2016, Term of office end: 04/11/2020
Appointed by Trustees
Philip AdamsonHaving lived and worked in Chester-le-Street all my life, I am very proud that our town has provided the backdrop to my whole life. The positive educational experiences I was exposed to as a child, while a pupil of Red Rose Primary School, convinced me that I wanted to be a primary school teacher.
Upon graduating from Northumbria University, I got my first teaching job at Lumley Junior School where I spent 8 very happy years. In 2005 I was appointed Deputy Headteacher at Woodlea Primary School before being appointed as Headteacher in 2008.
After working within the Chester-le-Street family of schools for nearly 20 years I have formed very strong links with Park View Academy. In my role as Headteacher of Woodlea I have tried to strengthen these links because I believe that we can provide better educational opportunities when we work together.
As a governor of Park View I hope I’m able the offer my experience to support the continued growth and development of the town’s young people.
Meetings attended for period 1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018: 3 out of a possible 4
(Committee Membership : Finance and Premises)
  • Link Governor for KS3

Mrs Victoria Stevenson – Community Governor
Appointed on: 19/01/2017, Term of office end: 19/01/2021
Appointed by Trustees

I am a former pupil of Park View having attended the school from 1993 – 2000.  I subsequently studied law at Hull University and went on to become a Solicitor.  I am now a partner in a legal firm and specialise as a Private Client Solicitor.   I am delighted to be a community governor and very much look forward to working to ensure the continued success of Park View.

Meetings attended for period 1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018: 1 out of a possible 4
(Committee Membership : Finance and Premises / Personnel)

  • Link Governor for English

Mr David Roberts- Community Governor
Appointed on 10/02/2017, Term of office end: 10/02/2021
Appointed by Trustees

David Roberts

I am a lifelong Chester le Street resident and former Park View pupil who is very proud to return as a community governor. Since 2004 I have worked as a biomedical scientist for Public Health England, specialising in the fields of virology and tuberculosis. I have also been volunteering as a STEM ambassador since 2015, and with this background I aim to make a valuable contribution as link governor for science.

Meetings attended for period 1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018: 3 out of a possible 4

  • Link Governor for Science

Mr Mustafaa Malik – Parent Governor
Appointed on 12/12/2016, Term of Office end: 12/12/20
Appointed by Parent Election

Mr M MalikI am a parent governor whose eldest child has started her secondary school education at Park View. Since 2006, I have worked as a primary school Head Teacher within Gateshead.  Through this post, I have had the opportunity of working with many schools, both primary and secondary, with the aim of increasing opportunity and raising standards across the authority rather than my own school alone.  As a governor of Park View, I wish to work with the school to develop practice so that there is continued success in supporting all students to achieve.

Meetings attended for period 1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018: 4 out of a possible 4

(Committee Membership : Review)

  • Link Governor for Pupil Premium, Looked After Students, including Attendance and Persistent Absence for FSM and SEN with EHC

Mr Jon Jarvis – Staff Governor
Appointed on 04/07/2017, Term of Office end: 04/07/2021
Appointed by Staff Election

Since graduating from Newcastle University in 2004 and completing a PGCE in 2005, I have worked as a secondary English teacher in the North East. I spent the first five years of my career at Kenton School in Newcastle.
I started working at Park View in 2010, having been extremely impressed by the welcoming nature of the staff and students. I have held various leadership positions within the English Department and took on the role of Head of English in September 2016.
I am passionate about the school and its surrounding community; I also live in Chester-le-Street so see the importance of the school to the town on a daily basis. The students and staff are second to none. I am incredibly proud to hold the position of teacher-governor at Park View and am looking forward to contributing to the governing body.
Meetings attended for period 1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018: 4 out of a possible 4
(Committee Membership : Review Committee)

Mrs Gillian Crawford
Re-Appointed  on 08/05/2018, Term of Office end: 08/05/2022
Appointed by Parent Election

I am delighted to continue for another 4 years as Governor.  I have 30 years experience in HMRC and managerial roles. I am a single parent with two daughters in Park View – in years 9 and the Sixth form. My interests are criminology, cardiac rehabilitation and small animal rescue, having rescued and released hedgehogs over the years.  I look forward to my Governor link in parental engagement and Governor training in the coming years.

Meetings attended for period 1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018: 3 out of a possible 3

(Committee Membership : Finance & Premises, Personnel & Pay)

  • Link Governor for Parental Engagement and Involvement

Governors’ Meetings

At PARK VIEW SCHOOL, the AGM will take place in December each year.  All parents / carers are entitled to attend.  In order that we may accommodate you, please inform the Company Secretary, Mrs H Bolton, if you will be attending the AGM (email :

2018 / 2019

Thurs 4 October 2018, 4.30pm, Full Governors
Wed 31 October 2018, 4.30pm. Personnel Committee
Tues 20 Nov 2018, 4.30pm, Finance and Premises Committee
Thurs 6 December 2018, 4.30pm : Review Committee
Thurs 13 December 2018 : 4.00pm AGM
Thurs 13 December 2018 : 4.30pm : Full Governors
Wed 27 February 2019 : 4.30pm : Finance and Premises Committee
Thurs 21 March 2019 : 4.30pm : Full Governors
Thurs 25 April 2019 : 4.30pm Review Committee
Wed 22 May 2019 : 4.30pm : Finance and Premises Committee
Wed 5 June 2019 : 4.30pm : Personnel Committee
Thurs 11 July 2019 : 4.30pm : Full Governors

Chair of Governors receives MBE at the Palace


It was a great privilege to receive my honour from the Princess Royal in the State Ballroom of Buckingham Palace at the beginning of May. My wife, Carole, and daughters, Joanne and Lucy (both former students of Park View), were among the invited audience for the Investiture. The whole event was meticulously organised and a truly memorable occasion. Even though there were 95 other  recipients, Princess Anne knew something about each of us individually, able to enter easily into conversation about the background to the nomination for the award. Officially, mine was for Services to Education but I’m only too aware that the predominant factor was my  role as Chair of the Governing Body at Park View. In that regard, I’m wholly grateful to my fellow governors, to all of the staff and the students of the school (both past and present) who have helped establish and sustain the high regard for Park View, at both local and national level, which was recognised in my award.

Register of Governor Interests

Dr W F Dennison : Director of Arcadia Learning Ltd (Education Consultancy) / Trustee of PVCC (facility for community use) / Trustee of CLS Learning Alliance (cluster of schools working together) / Member of Consilium Multi Academy Trust

Mr I Veitch : Trustee of CLS Learning Alliance (cluster of schools working together), Vice Chair of Schools North East (education services)

Mrs M Dodd : Trustee of PVCC (facility for community use), Trustee of Gateshead Citizens’ Advice Bureau. Meg also has association with Eric Dodd (husband), Governor at Eskdale Academy and South Stanley Junior School.

Mrs G Crawford : Trustee of PVCC (facility for community use)

Mrs J Carr : Jan has association with Chris Carr Joinery (husband)

Mrs M Caygill : North Lodge Parish Councillor

Mr P Adamson : Head Teacher at Woodlea Primary School, Trustee of CLS Learning Alliance (cluster of schools working together), Trustee of PVCC (facility for community use)

Mr M Malik : Head Teacher at Harlow Green Primary School, Secretary for NAHT (Gateshead), Chair of Gateshead Association of Primary Headquarters

Victoria Stevenson : Director of Iain Nicholson & Co (Law Firm)

No other governors have related party transactions.

Message from Dr Dennison, Chair of Governors, 06.04.17
Park View School has had no involvement in the successful application by Avant homes to build over 200 houses on the former BOC site on Vigo Lane. The school was over-subscribed for September 2017 but has had no contact with Avant Homes about an agreement, reported in the Advertiser, to make a financial contribution to extend the school premises.