Sixth Form

Moving from GCSE to post 16 studies is a decision where students need the best advice and guidance to make sure they choose the right pathways for their future. At the Sixth Form and the Sports Academy at Park View School we put students at the heart of this decision, engaging with them and parents on an individual level to ensure they are happy and engaged in learning throughout their time with us.

The Sixth Form Centre and Academy of Sport offers a range of courses and pathways suited to both academic and practical based studies leading to further education, employment or apprenticeships.

The Sixth Form offers a more traditional approach to post 16 years education where as the Sports Academy, based at the Riverside, offers students the opportunity to focus on a range of sports training at a world class facility.

Staff teaching at Park View are passionate about their subjects and this is reflected in the way in which our students perform and achieve. Beyond the academics the students that graduate from the Sixth Form are adults capable of functioning not only well but beyond their peers in a global society. They act with a level of empathy and compassion that at times astounds me and reminds me that these young people are our future.

I hope that I will see you in the future and would welcome all students studying at GCSE to come and see my students, what they can do and how you can shine with them.’

Mr J Cooper
Director of Sixth Form