We are looking for individuals and organisations who would be willing to share their experiences with students at Park View School.


Why Register with Park View Partners?

Joining Park View Partners network can connect you with the school in many ways including:

  • Career Educational Role Models
  • Mentoring Students (reading with students, running an after school club, e-Mentoring,
  • Volunteering (driving the school mini bus, chaperoning)
  • Providing Work Experience Opportunities
  • Delivering Workshops (one offs or regular)
  • Video Conferencing (interview & mentoring)
  • Sponsorship, Fundraising & Donating
  • Information Assemblies


How to Register with Park View Partners:

Registering with Park View Partners will positively support our school. Registration takes just 2 minutes online by visiting: Registration Form  or simply fill in the registration form available from school reception. Once registered you will receive newsletters, invitations and opportunities to connect with Park View School in many ways.


If you require more information, please contact Jodie Graham, Business Development Manager on 0191 3882248 /